These maps will provide you with the most detailed information about Sydney attractions, historical sites, and must-see places. Our maps also make it easy to find transportation, shopping centres, and museums.

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Our 'Orange Maps' of Sydney are available for free in all Sydney hotels. Please, ask your concierge for an 'Orange Free Map' or download it below.

Tourist Map of City of Sydney

The most detailed tourist map of Sydney CBD and the Rocks area. Provides information on tourist attractions, sightseeing, places to visit and free things to do in Sydney, Australia.

Created by our experienced team the Tourist Map of Sydney CBD (City) is the most detailed and updated map of City of Sydney. It shows the location of:

popular Sydney attractions:

the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney tower, Queen Victoria Building, Royal Botanic Garden, ANZAC Memorial and much more.

things to do in Sydney:

All of Sydney museums including: Australian Museum, Hyde Park Barracks museum, Powerhouse museum and Maritime Museum.

Location of Sydney Aquarium, Wildlife Sydney, Darling Harbour, Harry's Cafe De Wheels, Sydney Observatory, Art Gallery of NSW.

some curious places:

'Brown Paper Bag' Building, Central Park Building, 'Birds Nest' Building, The Goods Line, Spice Alley, Taylors Square, Kings Cross, Star Casino, Chinatown.

Sydney transport:

Light rail lines and stops, Train stations, Ferry routes and Buses including major transport hubs Circular Quay and Central Station.

Tourist Map of Sydney Harbour

A tourist map of Sydney Harbour. The map covers the area from North Sydney until Bondi Beach and from Balmain until the Tasman Sea. It provides information on Sydney transport, attractions, walks, and lists different activities.

Sydney harbour map is also a Sydney transport map. It helps you to plan your visit to Taronga Zoo, Luna Park Sydney, Cockatoo Island, Watsons Bay, Bondi Beach, Manly Beach.

It is also a Sydney tourist guide, giving you a lot of useful information about Sydney museums, galleries, markets and other things to do in Sydney.

Besides, it shows you the best coastal walks in Sydney such as Bondi to Coogee coastal walk.

The Sydney Harbour Map also contains detailed maps of the Rocks, Bondi Beach and Manly Beach areas.